Spoiler Warning
If you havn’t watched the first 3 seasons already, you probably don’t want to read this.

Do you ever watch 24? It’s a good show. It’s got everything you’d want in an action/thriller TV show. The main character, Jack Bauer, played by Kiefer Sutherland, is the kind of guy you’d want protecting our country. Dedicated, tough, gets the job done. It’s got action, it’s got suspense, it’s got espionage and counter-espionage, it’s got political intrigue, it’s got inter- and intra-agency personality conflicts, and it’s got the most porous and infiltrate able intelligence service of the government, CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit). Seriously, they need to do some something about internal security. Every season, there have been four completed, another breech of CTU security is exploited. Or even worse, the same breeches are re-breeched. Don’t they plug these holes? Example: every season some CTU agent turns out to be a traitor. Don’t you think that a, supposedly, top intelligence unit would have a pretty rigorous screening process? Don’t they do a background check on these people? It happens every year.

Erin Driscoll – How did they know that’s where we were going to be moving the prisoner?
Jack Bauer – How do you think? We have a mole in CTU, just like the last 4 years.
Erin Driscoll – Oh, yeah I forgot about that. We really need to update our screening process.
Jack Bauer – Nah, I kina like the unpredictability. Keeps things fresh.
Erin Driscoll – You’re right, nevermind. Let’s get back to saving the President, deactivating the nuke on US soil, and coping with some intense personal problems while on the clock.
Jack Bauer – Done and done!

Which is a perfect segway into another CTU issue they need to address; they can’t keep a prisoner alive. If you ever find yourself in CTU custody, I hope your affairs are in order, because you will soon be crossing over. Most likely you’ll be sniped by some black-clad baddie whilst being transferred to a “more secure” location. But you may just end up killing yourself, or at least that’s what the traitor within CTU will make it look like.

But how can is that possible, you say. Don’t they have some kind of internal security detail to prevent such things? Well of course they do. It’s just that apparently it’s made up have rent-a-cops and ex-mall security guards. Remember season one when Nina was trying to escape the facility and she waxed about 10 guards before they could even draw their weapons? I mean c’mon, a chick! Pretty pathetic. I noticed that in Season Four the security guards have taken to wearing maroon shirts instead of the white ones they had the previous three seasons. Presumably they are taking a page from the old British Red Coats who wore the red coats so that blood wouldn’t be as visible. Probably a good move, at least from a morale standpoint. But beside the inept guards, their internal monitoring system could use an overhaul. I would expect an important government spying agency building to be loaded with security cameras for spying on itself. After all, as I’ve clearly stated, CTU employees aren’t to be trusted. Indeed, CTU does appear to have the joint pretty well surveiled. There’s one problem, however…no one is monitoring the monitors! I ask you, what good is real time surveillance if no one is there to surveil it? Maybe they figured, “Hey, we’re a big bad government operation, surely no one will try to infiltrate. We’ll just use these cameras to catch people doing embarrassing things at the CTU Christmas party. Remember last year when Tony Olmedo xeroxed his butt? Priceless!” Will they never learn?

Lastly, CTU needs to enact a strict policy of no intra-office dating. Is this a no-brainer to anyone else? Everyone knows that office dating leads to nothing but trouble. When you have the added tension of trying to save the world on a regular basis on top of it, it just leads to trouble. Let’s look at the brief history of CTU thus far with regard to this subject

Jack & Nina – Jack’s wife and daughter kidnapped, wife ends up dead, Nina turns out to be the traitor.

Tony & Michelle – Michelle kidnapped, Tony sent to federal prison after disobeying orders in order to save her.

Kim & Chase – Kim ends up in peril (as usual), high tension between Jack and Chase, mission nearly compromised.

Agent Curtis & Marianne – Marianne blackmails CTU staff to advance career, turns out to be a spy, gets Susan arrested and tortured.

And these are only the relationships we know about.

Anyway, 24 is a good show. Really, it is.
P.S. If you are going to comment, please don’t tell me what happens in Season 4 or 5. I haven’t finished them yet.

2 thoughts on “24

  1. Jeremy

    Dude… You gotta put a spoiler warning at the front end of this post… I haven’t even finished season two yet… I mean, come on! :-)

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