Crappy New Year

How was your New Year celebration? Mine? To be perfectly honest, which I almost always strive to be, it stunk. The Wednesday before January One, I was tending to the jungle that is my yard, which, unbeknownst to me, is infested with poison oak. Apparently, in the winter, poison oak loses all it’s leaves and looks just like dead (non-poison) ivy vines. I have a lot of (non-poison) ivy on my land so playing Tarzan on the vines to get them out of my trees didn’t seem like such an ill-advised thing to do at the time. Well, after several hours of jungle fun, I called it a day and hopped into a steamy hot shower…which is just about the worse thing you can do after rolling in poison oak. I had now succeeded in thoroughly spreading the oils of the wretched plant all over myself, and had deposited an especially large quantity of it in and around my left eye. I spent the next two days denying that it would really get “that bad”, and as a result spent the two days after that looking like the Toxic Avenger. I was quite repulsive. I know, hard to believe, but it’s true. These pictures aren’t the worst of it. I wanted to take pictures of the really bad day, but we just got our digital camera for Christmas and I didn’t want it to implode.

Anyway, Jen and I missed our usual New Year’s Eve party at the Carlson’s and instead tried to keep ourselves awake long enough to calm Jackson down when the New Year fireworks went off. Not exactly what we had planned, but, que sera’.

On the plus side, I got a lot of movie and TV watching in those two days, with one eye anyway. Here’s a brief list:

Road to Bali
My Favorite Brunette
Selected episodes of The Simpsons Season 4
Made for Each Other
Non-off limits episodes of Arrested Development Season 1
A few episodes of 24 Season 4
Some Amazing Race Season 7
Special features on The Great Raid Disc 2

I’m probably forgetting some. Pretty impressive, yes?

Thanks goodness for Netflix and that movie basket we got for Christmas.
In retrospect, the next time I go working in my yard, I’m going down to Fulton Rd. That or wear a full body chem-suit which I will burn in an incinerator when I’m finished, and then have the incinerator bulldozed and buried under six foot thick concrete slabs. I hope your New Year celebration was more exciting and far less itchy.

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