Microwaving the Internet

Do you ever notice how both “sides” in the political sphere each say “The Media” has an unfair bias towards their rival? I find that kind of funny. Not Ha, Ha, funny, but just kind of interesting. Maybe that means the MSM (Main Stream Media) is more in the middle than we think. Or maybe not. Just thinking out-loud.

Two inventions that I can’t see how people did without: the microwave and the Internet.

First, the microwave…

Some would say that the microwave has been a detriment to society. By allow us to instantly cook food that previously took hours, we’ve helped contribute to the GO, GO, GO! culture and traded speed for quality. A baked potato cooked in the oven for 45 minutes tastes better than one cooked in the microwave for six. We’ve become willing to sacrifice the quality of a truly baked potato, to one cooked in the microwave that isn’t of the same high quality standard. That’s what these would people say. We have a name for these people. They’re called idiots. Everyone knows a baked potato tastes better cooked in the oven, but that takes 45 minutes! Besides, it’s not like you can’t still cook one in the overn.

But seriously, what did people do with leftovers before the Nuker? Example: last night I ate at Applebee’s (and it was good in the neighborhood) and had some leftover ribs I wanted to eat for lunch today. No big deal. Popped them in the white GE model KL-197 with turntable at work, one minute later my hands and faced are slathered in BBQ sauce. What if this was 1972? (Actually, I don’t know when the microwave was invented, but if it was before 1972 I’m sure you had to be rich as a Persian Sheik to own one back then.) Would I have to eat them cold? Was it just, too bad, so sad? What if I wanted to eat them as a midnight snack? Did I have to crank up the oven just to warm my riblets? Man, that must have stunk.

Second, the Internet…
Of course I have lived the better portion of my life without the Internet, but those years were spent playing with G.I. Joes, watching Looney Tunes, and saving Princess Toadstool. I didn’t have to pay bills, or make travel arrangments, or find helpful information about video editing, or keep in contact with friends that moved far away, etc. For those age 30ish and younger, can you imagine having to do all those things without the help of the Internet? And that’s not even counting all the fun stuff, like Fantasy Sport and Netflix. A video store? What’s that? What a drag that must have been.

And here’s a fun Internet related hyperlink (as if there was a different kind):



4 thoughts on “Microwaving the Internet

  1. Ando

    HA! You thought you could avoid detection with your cowardly use of a pseudonym! But I discovered your true identity, “Mr. Wendell.” If that’s your real name (which it’s not).

  2. Bruce Glidewell

    That is so true.
    I don’t know how people got anything done without on- line bill pay and e-mail.


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