Super So-So

Couple of observations on the Super Bowl….

All-in-all, not a bad game. Certainly not the most exciting in recent memory, but at least both these teams looked like they actually had some ability to play football, not like the Ravens-Giants from a few years ago. That was the blah-est Super Bowl for me in a while. So the game itself was ok. It was curious how poorly Seattle managed the clock at the end of both halves. A running play with under a minute left in the first half? What a terrible call. And speaking of terrible calls, Seattle got the short end on a couple. The “push-off” that negated the touchdown in the first half was pretty bogus. Yeah, he kinda straight-armed the DB but only after the DB had grabbed him. Bad luck it happened right in front of the official. Rothlesburgers TD was also a little suspect, but actually the ref played it to the rule. Unless the replay is conclusive the play on the field should stand. I don’t know if anything on that replay can be strongly considered conclusive. Just kind of a bummer break for Seattle.

I was disappointed in the lack of projectile spittle from the two head coaches. Both of these guys are known for their tremendous range, and I saw nary a bubble fly out from under their shaggy upper lips. Very disappointing. But, this had to be the battle of best mustachioed coaches ever. And I mean best mustaches, not exactly best coaches. If only Dave Wanstadt had been a coordinator for one of them.

The halftime show…what can you really say? Apparently there are still quite a few folks out there who would enjoy, and even pay large sums of money, to watch four dried up old prunes prance their shriveled hides around the stage like escapees from a senior citizen rehab clinic. Never been a big fan of the Stones. I enjoy a few of their early tunes, but the sight of Mick Jagger doing pelvic thrusts while shreirking out Start Me Up is not something that will keep me coming back for more. After the show we were all commenting on how glad we were they didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction. If that had happened I would have had to poke out my eyes with a lit candle. Of course I would still have the mental image and so I’d then have to labotomize myself with an apple corer. And still, that would have been less painful. I just don’t get the Rolling Stones thing I guess. Our top sales guy at work loves the Stones, presumably because of the music. I just find it a little odd that a man in his 40’s would idolize a group of men pushing 70 so much, no matter what their accomplishments. But, I think Spider-Man is pretty cool, so how can I talk.

The commercials were ok. Nothing really stands out except for that disturbing Hummer3 one with the illicit relationship between the Godzilla-type monster and a robot. That was just weird. I’m never buying a Hummer now. I think the military should switch back to Jeeps in protest. Just odd. Other than that, nothing too memorable. Certainly nothing on the order of the Macintosh 1984 ad. I think the commercials are so built up these days that the companies are trying to hard so you never get anything really original or interesting anymore. Every once in a while, like the herding cats one a few years ago, but not often enough.

So there it is. On the whole a pretty average afternoon all-around.

One thought on “Super So-So

  1. Heavy G

    I missed the first half because my DVR messed up (curses!!) but I thought it was a thoroughly forgetable game, a lack of both excellence and suspense.

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