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I’ve had a few blogging suggestions given to me the past week or so. Someone said I should comment on the Muhammad cartoon incident, presumably because of my astute knowledge of the inner-workings of the Muslim pysche. Another suggested a commentary on the history of nuclear weapons and their relation to relative world peace over the past 60 years or so. This led to the idea of a possible blog discussing the Soviet Union and it’s claim as a world Superpower during the Cold War(legitimate or not?). Still one other suggestion was to biographize perhaps the greatest athlete of our or any other generation, Simon Dace. All worthy suggestions, except the Simon Dace one. I will probably take all those up at some point, but they will require a fair amount of research (pronoucne ra-SEARCH) to do them any justice, so look for those in the future. In the meantime I offer you this…

DICKY CHENEY SHOT SOMEBODY! As if the VP didn’t have enough to worry about. Though it was clearly an accident, he was hunting quail at the time, and this type of thing happens rather frequently, it’s gotta be one of those “just what I needed” moments. Already under scrutinty due to they Scooter Libby leak investigation, among other things, this will hardly help the Veep fade into the background. This won’t, or shouldn’t anyway, have any political implications, unless Ted Kennedy makes a speech on the Senate floor that this proves all Republicans are murderers, in which case the implications will be that the good people of Mass. will finally realize that Teddy is either perpetually drunk or insane or both and demand he be immediately removed from office. (Hey, I can dream can’t I?) To be sure this will be great fodder for late night TV. I wish I had TV right now. I’d like to see what Letterman, Conan, and Jon Stewart have to say. Could be high comedy. But not Leno. He’s not funny. UPDATE: Apparently Cheney’s office waited almost 24 hours before releasing the story. Not exactly sure if this means anything, but of all peeople you would think Cheney would have learned to be more forthright. Especially when he didn’t do anything wrong. Unless he was really participating in some sinister sort of Surviving the Game scenario with Mr. Wittingburg as the Ice-T character and Dick Cheney in the Gary Busey role. But waiting that long to say something is foolish. That kind of behavior only leads to problems and suspicion. Politicians never learn.

I guess I will weigh in briefly on the cartoon issue

I don’t even know how to start. The idea of rioting because of a comic strip penned by some no-name, upstart Danish cartoonist if completely foreign to me. Can you imagine a mob of Christians going on a weeklong rampage because someone drew an unflattering picture of Jesus? Of course not, a) because people make unfavorable dipictions of Jesus in the media all the time, and b) though Biblical-definition Christians, while assured that our faith is correct and finding such depictions to be offensive and even blasphemous, know that rioting in the streets and throwing rocks at foreign embassies is not the way to lead people to understand why we find it offensive and even blasphemous. Muslims and Christians appear to have one thing in common. Both believe their faith to be the “one true faith.” Similarities end there, however. While Bible believing Christians believe that the way to honor and bring glory to God is by evangelizing and bringing the lost to Christ through sharing the gospel and showing love to their neighbor, the Muslim, at least the kind that tend to make the nightly news, seek to glorify Allah by shouting angrily in the street and blowing up their neighbor. That may be a gross generalization, but until we hear more denunciation of these kinds of uprisings from Muslim leadership, the stereotype will be considered the rule rather than the exception.

I havn’t mentioned Iran’s lunatic president and his responses to the cirticisms and the criticisms of the criticisms of the whole ordeal. In a nutshell, he (I’m not even going to try to spell his name) says that Europe and the US are held hostage by the “Zionist myth” of the Holocaust. An Iranian newpaper said, “Does the West extend freedom of expression to the crimes committed by the United States and Israel, or an event such as the Holocaust? Or is its freedom only for insulting religious sanctities?” I’m not even really sure what that means. Is he calling the Holocaust freedom of expression? I’m very confused. Clearly whoever wrtoe this has no actual concept of free speech, which makes sense since he’s probably spent his whole life in a country where everything printed or broadcast is controlled by the state.

Anyway, I grow weary of discussing this. The whole hullabaloo is just so bizaare and foreign (no pun intended) to me. This is probaly the most international influence the Danes have wielded since…did the Danes ever wield any international influence?


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  1. Simon Dace

    You aren’t worthy yo write about me… in fact, I forbid it. Simon Dace don’t need your endorsement, Simon Dace goin’ be aight yo.

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