Indiscriminatly Ambling the Media-scape

–Every Thursday Jen, Jackson, and I head over to Jen’s parents’ house for a homecooked meal and some Survivor. That’s good. Unfortunately ABC is running “Dancing with the Stars” at the same time. Why unfortunate if it’s at the same time, you ask. Because it lasts a half-hour longer than Survivor so I am subjected to 30 minutes of washed up “stars” doing things like the Cha-cha and the Foxtrot. I would sooner smash my pinky fingers with a ball-peen hammer than watch this kind of stuff. To make matters worse, the host is Tom Bergeron, one the 10 most annoying people on the planet, ranked only slightly below Bob Sagat and Gilbert Godfrey. It also includes Lisa Rinna as one of the “stars.” She may have the fattest upper-lip of all-time. It always looks like she just got out of the ring with Mike Tyson. Can you say colagen? And her partner Louis has had three two many facelifts and I’m sure those are hairplugs. Maybe next week when they turn it on I’ll put my face through the sliding glass door so I’ll have to rushed to the emergency room. That would be less painful. By the way, if you have seen any Survivor this season, have you noticed the dead guy? Dan the Astronaught. He may be the palest human being alive. Assuming he still is human. While in space his body may have been overtaken by some glowing alien lifeform that now gives him that eerie day-glow shimmer. Day-Glow Dan, that’s what his nickname should be. He’s so pale he’s almost a greenish-blue. He looks like skim milk. That’s what it is, skim milk.

–If you havn’t seen “The Office” yet on NBC, you must. I’m not talking about the BBC version, that may the filthiest show in history (apparently you can get away with a whole lot more on British TV than here). If you work in a cubicle you will definitely appreciate it. It’s pretty offbeat so it might not be everybody, but I enjoyed Season 1 thoroughly. Havn’t seen much of Season 2 yet. Wanna hear something really dorky? I stayed up late the other night coming up with a script for an episode for me and a couple friends to do. Could be funny, could be a trainwreck. It depends on the performances really, because the script is solid. Really, it is. Stop laughing, jerk!

–I see Scott Stapp is in the news. The former frontman for “Christian” band Creed. I say “Christian” because the band itself shyed away from the label, though some of their lyrics had a decidedely pseudo-Christian ere about them and they were adopted by many Christian folks as such. From what I had read I always thought Scott Stapp was kind of a weird guy. Looks like I wasn’t too far off. His latest gig? Apparently a tape (don’t worry, that’s an article, not a clip) of him doing not so Christian things on a tour bus with some young ladies. Be careful of “Christian” celebrities that hit it big in the mainstream, friends. Money and fame are persuasive suductresses.

–The Oscars are coming up. Usually I’ve seen at least one of the Best Picture nominees, but not this year. I havn’t seen any. I did see Murderball which is in the Best Documentary category and was very good (see me before watching, however). But who cares anyway.

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