I have rats in my house. In my garage and yard, and possibly the laundry room/office actually. I have a large blackberry bush and it appears the Rats of Nimh have taken up residence there. I saw one crawling on the fence that separates my yard from the neighbors. Few things are as disconcerting as a giant rodent crawling sideways on a wall or fence. It makes the hairs on my arm stand up. I’m sure this rat was at least three feet long. It’s not quite Indiana Jones and the Last Cursade yet, but still…rats. I’m not a very brave person I’ve discovered. I’m not afraid to go into the garage or the office, like my wife, but it took me longer than it should’ve to look under the couch…actually, I still haven’t. I’m not ashamed to admit it. Rats are scary. I keep having this vision of looking under the couch and having a rat fly out at me like the squirrel from Christmas Vacation. But I bought some Decon today so hopefully in a week or so I’ll find dead rat carcasses all over the garage. Maybe I should’ve gotten some snap traps or glue traps so at least I won’t find a rat skeleton six months from now in a box of blankets. Why now am I getting rats? Maybe if I move their home into the lee of the stone, they’ll leave me alone. Or maybe they’re here to move my house into the lee of the stone. I have been getting a lot of flooding downstairs lately. Maybe they’re here to help? I better go pick up those traps.

3 thoughts on “RATS!

  1. DJ Caterina

    Rats do like to swim, y’know….thank goodness my three kitties leave dead rats — a/k/a “kills” — in the backyard.

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