Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing…

a new blog just on the scene from my homeboy, the legend himself, my brother from a different mother, Josh P. Carrillo…Future Expositor!

Told him I’d give him some vital pub to get his operation off the ground. I glady direct all my thousands upon thousands of readers to his new venture. If you want sound Biblical doctrine and the name of the past 14 NCAA Tournament champions, J.P.C. is your man. Check him out. I also added a link to his blog on my sidebar, to round out my hall of shame, I mean fame.

2 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Introducing…

  1. Ando

    Attention everyone! The above comment regarding asbestor lawyers is a fraud. Some nefarious attempt by someone to redirect traffic to their own slice of cyberspace. However, I decided to leave it up because I was amused at their pathetic attempt of sounding like an acutal human being. What clearly gives it away is the “Cool blog” comment. Clearly, this individual has never actually read my blog.

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