A Cut! Production

Here is a video I made for a departing coworker. Most of the jokes and gags are inside and you probably won’t get them, but just sit back and admire the editing. I should also say that Brad and I asked people around work how they felt about various things, the President, the Boston Red Sox, Alex Rodriguez, vitamins, and then took their quotes out of context. The results? High comedy. And contrary to what you hear in the video Jason, the subject, does not care for George W. Bush.

8 thoughts on “A Cut! Production

  1. kludge

    There goes ten minutes of my life, that I will never get back.

    If that doesn’t sum up the web, I don’t know what does.

  2. Ando

    I’ve just gotta say thanks to Adam Bovshow, he gave us my favorite line of the whole show. “You know, it’s an emotional attachment for me.” Absolutely perfect. Thanks Adam.

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