Lord of the Flies

I don’t like where this trend is going. First it was rats, now it’s flies. You may recall that a month or so ago I posted on this very blog that we had something of a rat infestation in the old Bauer House. A few strategically placed Decon traps and the skies ceasing their seemingly endless deluge and the rat problem appears to have been solved. But now we have been beset with a new plauge–flies. Lots and lots of flies.

While the idea of a 18 inch rodent skulking about our garage was certainly unnerving, there is something very unsettling about walking through our office door into a buzzing black cloud. At times I bet there are 25 flys airborne at once, with another 10 to 15 carcasses on the window sill. We first noticed this about two weeks ago. It seemed to have subsided, but now they are back. I’ve been sucking them up, dead or alive, with the vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum has one of those clear plastic cylinders where the dirt is deposited, and after a round of vacuuming I can see the flies that survived the ride through the hose flying helplessly into the walls. I throw my head back and laugh. These are pretty listless flies. They fly at about the speed of a fully loaded Grayhound bus with four flat tires. They’re easily swatted or sucked up with the vacuum.

I have no idea what has caused this plauge to descend upon us, but I’m hoping it’s the last of two. If we have to endure a third I’m hoping for locusts. Maybe they’ll eat back some of the vegetation that is overtaking my estate.


6 thoughts on “Lord of the Flies

  1. Chris

    hmm, let’s think about this. You used Decon to kill rats. Those rats now lay decomposing somewhere in or near your hous. Flies lay eggs in those carcasses. Those eggs turn into maggotts. Those maggotts turn into flies. Sounds like you have the whole “circle of life” right there in your oun office.

  2. Ando

    I was trying not to think about that, Chris. Thanks a lot. Oh, well. I’m a big Lion King fan anyway….

  3. kludge

    I’m having trouble reading this post. I apologize, but it makes me physically ill. It might have something to do with the picture as well, I’m not sure…Either way, I’m sorry for you.
    Hey! Maybe you could make a fleece of fly bodies for winter. Then you could sell it on Ebay… shrug… who knows.

  4. Call Me June...

    There are no flies in Indiana! By the way, my proofing services are still available, good luck with the “plague!”

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