Lazy Ramadi

No one drops the knowledge like a couple of white staff seargents from the Mid-West and in Iraq! Keep fighting the good fight, boys!


4 thoughts on “Lazy Ramadi

  1. kludge

    Your hooked on YouTube, and you’ve got a counter… humm…. when did I become trendy?

    I really like knowing were doing enough good in Ramadi, that our boys have time for this.


  2. Ando

    What can I say, you inspire me. I think it was a mistake on my part, however, to add the counter as now I can see how many more hits you get than me and it’s damaging my already fragile ego.

  3. kludge

    Your the veteran blogger, you’ve been at this longer than us newbies, you have staying power. I’m not sure how much longer my mind can support daily posts, it’s effecting my home life.

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