The Return of Arthur Bailey

I was half-hoping to be awakened this morning by the sounds of a gas powered weed whacker, “a really good one.” Only half hoping because you can never be too sure of a toothless guy that looks a little like Nick Nolte before rehab. But alas, it was not to be. Arthur Bailey stood me up. Can’t say that I’m too surprised. Despite his in depth analysis of the California political scene, he didn’t strike me as the type to carry a Day Runner. So, I was forced to deal with the blackberry bushes and other undesirable flora with my own two hands. And I’m sure I can kiss the Odd Couple and Truman Show goodbye, not that I wasn’t expecting that. You know, you just can’t find good help these days.


2 thoughts on “The Return of Arthur Bailey

  1. kludge

    I suppose, this makes your previous title more approprate. Blackberry pipe dreams.

    I have to tell you, I think I met this guy number of years ago in courthouse square. But who knows

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