The Halls of History

In order to keep pace with some of my comrades, I have embarked on a new blogging adventure. It is called The Halls of History. As many of you I’m sure are aware, I enjoy history quite a bit. (Who other than a history enthusiast would have a book called The Franco-Prussian War on their reading list sidebar, voluntarily). So, rather than take up the oh-so-valuable space on this blog with historical discourses that probably don’t seem too interesting to most foks, as if my non-history posts were, I decided to start a seperate blog for history topics. If this suits your fancy, please stop by and check it out. If not…then don’t. In the meantime, please enjoy this portrait of George Washington.

2 thoughts on “The Halls of History

  1. kludge

    Andy – Your wild, you know have three main blogs, and one co-op. It’s like… well it’s sick. You should parse all your insterest out to their own blog, that would be huge!

    1.Video Blog – Come for the popcorn, stay for the smooth transistions
    2.Doggie Blog – Action Jackson in…er action
    3.Fence Building Blog – Good fences make good revenues for the home stores
    4.24 – Cousin Jack and his habitual insomina
    5.Hajo-whatever – something about sports
    6.Life of Ando – What’s left… I’m eating sausage, and drinking dew

    Think of your Technorati status!

  2. Ando

    Oooh, I like it.

    I’m actually shutting down the Halo one. I’m sure no one reads it and the Angels are too sucky to write about anyway.

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