Still Here….

Contrary to rampant internet rumors, I am not dead. At least not technically. It’s been a long week, to say the least. Actually, it’s been a long month, but this past week in particular. I had three video projects with looming deadlines staring me down, and since I don’t get paid for blogging, I figured I better finish those jobs before posting. But the storm has passed and I have some important things to convey, so stay tuned over the next couple of days and I think you’ll enjoy what is to come.


2 thoughts on “Still Here….

  1. kludge

    I love this picture…I just wanted to let you know.

    BTW if you leave paradise and live in the midwest, you’ll have to refrain from posting wild pictures like this.

  2. Ando

    No, I will only post more outlandish pictures to prove to the mild-mannered mid-western folk that Californians are indeed as crazy as they’ve heard.

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