An Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bloom…ington

I suppose I should talk about what everybody seems to already know. It is highly conceivable that in the next few months Jen and I be leaving. Permanently. We may become honorary Hoosiers. Indiana seems to be calling to us, and we just might answer.

You may recall that little more than a month ago, on this very blog, I wrote about our vacation last year to Indiana and how it’s midwest allure has stuck with us throughout the following months. I won’t rehash all that, but I will say that since that time something pretty interesting has happened. I can’t say what it is exactly, but we are hurtling ever faster to packing up our modest belongings and the dog in a truck and not stopping until we reach the land of cornfields, affordable housing, and legally concealed firearms. After I wrote that post I was asked by my aunt what the percentage was that we would actually be moving to her neck of the woods. I gave it about a 30% chance. Today, I would say it’s closer to 75%, maybe higher.

Like I said, I can’t say what has caused the sudden change of heart, except to say that whatever it was that was holding me back just one month ago seems to be gone. And I remeber the moment it happened. I was driving home from work and happened to be thinking about it, and it just felt like it was time to go. That was it. I don’t think Jen has yet had quite the epiphany I’ve had, but she’s ready to look at seriously. We have planned a trip, a fact finding mission, if you will. The week of the Fourth of July we will be celebrating the Independence of our country with fireworks (not legal where we live now) and the thrilling (terrifying?) prospect of celebrating next years Fourth right here, in our own house on (or at least near) the lake.

Of course, you can’t just pack up and move two-thirds of the way across the country. There are the little things that get in the way, like selling and buying a home and finding gainful employment. Minor things, really, but necessary. Is it totally crazy to move to another state without having a job yet? Because that’s kind of what the plan is right now. How this is all going to play out, I don’t know. Maybe we’ll get there in three weeks and have a complete change of heart. Maybe our house won’t sell. There’s still a lot that has to happen, and happen in our favor, but we’re ready to take the steps to do what we can. The rest is in God’s hands.

Though we are excited about the possiblities, there are a lot of things that we don’t want to have to leave behind. We have so many great friends here and even though we know we’ll make new friends, we can’t imagine ever having as many as close as we do now. Our families are here. We get along with our families. We enjoy spending time with them. We don’t want to get away from them. But we do have family where we are going. Family that we’re very close to. They’re more like friends really…well, they are friends. And we’re hoping at least one friend will be coming along for the ride.

Whatever transpires in the next few weeks and months, we know that God will guide and direct us to make the right choices. As long as we are seeking His will, things will work out. Whether that’s in the Midwest or the Left Coast remains to be seen.

9 thoughts on “An Indiana Jones and the Temple of Bloom…ington

  1. J Crew

    Don’t get me started on this. The thought of this does not please me, but then it is not about me. I pray that God will lead you to the right decision, even if it’s away from your brother from a different mother

  2. kludge

    I cannot even imagine if you and Jen left. I know you will go where you feel lead to. I can say that if you do end up leaving, Patricia and will sorely miss you.

    Hannah and Alexis could care less PHTTPPPHT!

    If you do move we would also be forced to visit. :)

  3. kludge

    The pictures of that house are amazing.

    BTW any house that has it’s own wireless anntena scafoling sunk into the backyard is OK in my book

  4. Call Me June...

    Okay, I like this post so much, I won’t even correct your spelling! You’d just better not be toying with me young man!

  5. SJ

    Ando (and Jen),

    We are definitely praying for God’s direction in your lives. Of course we are just loving getting to know you and spend time with you – so we would be completely bummed to see you move – but also trust God’s ways are best! And, coming from the midwest and loving small towns with cool water towers, there is a very small part of me that is a little jealous. Hey – it will make a great reason to travel back to that area and visit though! I will have to still be in contact with my candle consultant!!!!! :):) We are praying for you!

  6. Patricia

    Wow! I can’t imagine the group without you guys but I know you have to do what God wants you to. And truly if I could pack up my family I’d be right there with you. Make sure to get a house with a nice big guest room, perferably one with a nice view of the lake :)

  7. littlerobin

    wow I made it. I’m commenting to a blog! “This is heavy.” “Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitatinal pull in the future?”


    Indiana sounds like a dream. The pace of life, affordability, regular people. Why would anyone want to live in California when they could live in Indiana??? I’m with you Ando. I’m excited that God might be moving you guys out there.

    Maybe God will move us there too. and the rest of pic.

    PS my hubby says it’s stinking humid out there. I agree with the humid part but I dont’ know why it would be stinky… unless, matt moved out there.

  8. Ando

    No less than you are, Fundie. Boo-yah!

    Whoa, LittleRobin! Tryin’ to run us out of town? Just kidding.

    Thanks to everyone for your prayers and (appearence of)support. We feel very loved.

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