The Visitor

I feel like I’ve been a lazy blogger recently. Maybe it’s the heat, or maybe nothing blog-worthy has occured recently. Or maybe I only feel lazy because a couple of my blogging contemporaries are cranking out a new post every couple of days. Could be any of these things. But today, is different. I have something to report–no, must report.

The last two weekends have been our first Arthur Bailey-free weekends in about a month. The last two Saturday and Sunday mornings I’ve been waking up with one question running through my mind, “Is Arthur Bailey outside?” Every time Jackson barks or growls, I’m sure Arthur is the reason. But he hasn’t been. The last time I saw him, I gave him my phone number and made it clear that he needs to call before coming over. My theory is that he lost the number and has been respecting my wish of showing up unannounced. Until today.

My cell phone rang just after I arrived at work at about 7:45. It was Jen and the first words out of her mouth were, “Arthur Bailey’s here.” She did not sound pleased. Jackson had been barking his head off and as she went into the living room to tell him to be quiet, she saw Arthur on the porch through the window. He was looking down at Jackson and didn’t notice her, so she ducked into the extra bedroom to get the phone.

“Just go to the window and tell him he has to leave.”, I said.
“I’m not answering the door.” Jen told me. “I’ll just wait until he goes away.”
“Ok, that sounds good to.”
“I hate to say I wish you hadn’t made this new friend, but right now I wish you hadn’t made this new friend.”

A few minutes later, Jen called back. Arthur appeared to have left, though she didn’t actually see him walk down the driveway. He told me she was getting in the shower and if I didn’t hear back from her in about 15 minutes it was because Arthur had gotten into the house and killed her. She also said she had the leash with her in the bathroom in case she and Jackson had to make a quick escape. I can confirm that she did make it out of the shower alive, but can only assume at this point that she didn’t answer her cell phone the last time I called her because she is at work and not bound and gagged in Arthur’s lair.

I am very confident that Arhtur is entirely harmless, but he is still a toothless guy that appeared out of nowhere and you can never be 100% sure with toothless guy’s that appear out of nowhere. But when I do see him again, I will be telling him in the strongest terms possible, that he will not show up at my doorstep unannounced again. Maybe I can buy him off with a fully loaded Starbucks card.

5 thoughts on “The Visitor

  1. SJ

    I love the Arthur Bailey stories, but am hoping that Jen is fine. I have told her that if you are ever not home and Arthur Bailey shows up, she needs to call us and we are close so we will be right over! One to keep Jen and Jackson safe and two because I would like to see him in person. (Not at my house though!!!!!)

  2. Emberli

    Let’s hope that He’s not a toothless “hang out at the library all day because it’s free” kind of guy who uses the computer and discovers blogging. What if he searched for his name and found this sight and got all mad about it and attacked you guys with the weed whacker? Just a thought. He’s probably not that interested in computers, he probably just hangs out at Starbucks all day.

  3. Ando

    That’s not the first time that thought has crossed my mind. But I figure, he’s pretty skinny, I can probably take him out if I have to.

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