YouTube, I Tube, We All Tube….

By now everyone who has an internet connection and is under the age of 43 should be very familiar with I’ve posted many video treasures I’ve unearthed there on this very blog, including some productions of my own. Basically, it’s a free depository for video clips of all kinds. Who better than to sum up what YouTube is all about than my favorite sportswriter, the Sports Guy himself, the great Bill Simmons. In his column today he lists 33 of his fave videos found on YouTube. Don’t worry, non-sports enthusiasts, they are not all sports related. He’s something of a conniseur of pop culture, espcially the 80’s and a lot of these are about or from the Decade of Decadence. All of the ones he listed are winners, but pay special attention to the Seperate Ways video, The Shining trailer parody, and Boom Goes the Dynamite. Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “YouTube, I Tube, We All Tube….

  1. Anonymous

    didn’t read the article yet, but thought it would be a good spot to catch you at. Early intelligence suggests we have a problem with me making out to play ball tomorrow. I am confident that I can make a more even battle (with the woman) in person, just the same you may want to make back up plans. I hope this works out I’ve been waiting for you to invite me out for years.

  2. kludge

    I accually watched this, and liked it.

    I’m very impressed by both the amazing events of the game, (wow no wonder they felt cursed) and the patience of whomever made this video.

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