Creative Crunch

The title of this post is the phrase for what I’ve been feeling these days. I feel I’ve fallen off the blogging pace. I just can’t come up with anything creative or funny or interesting to write. I’ve had the same problem with video editing lately. And of course, you can’t try to be creative or it will look like you tried to be creative. That’s never good. So, my apologies to my legions of loyal fans. Most of my posts recently have consisted of someone else’s creavitity nabbed off Youtube or some other more amusing corner of the web. [sigh]

I really admire those that are truly creative. I’ve been told that I am creative, and I suppose that’s marginally true. I can occasionally come up with some witty wordplay, or throw some video clips together to produce something mildly compelling. I have been responsible for both tears of laughter and sentiment, but really isn’t that just because it’s pictures of the kids graduating high school, or getting married? The audience for my productions more often than not has a vested interest in the subject and is moved more from emotional attachment to them than by anything I’m responsible for.

But to be able to create characters out of nothing, and to put them into a setting and situation that is totally unique and interesting, and then for me to actually care about what happens to them, I find that to be amazing. Or to have melodies that nobody has ever heard before bouncing around in your head. And for them to be good! Think of all the songs that have ever been written. Now remember that there are only, what, twelve notes not counting the various octaves? Yet someone is still able to come up with a new song every day. Whether it’s a novel or a movie or a comic book, a symphony, a pop hit, or a commercial jingle, I admire those that God has given that talent.

4 thoughts on “Creative Crunch

  1. J Crew

    No worries Ando. Get back on the wagon and remember, just write about nothing. It seems to me some sitcom show made a load of dough off nothing.

  2. kludge

    A creative post about a creative crunch! I think your more creative than you give yourself credit for. by the way what do you think of this one:

    “La ray ray fa so doe ti”

  3. RC

    don’t you find it sad when you apologize for not being creative.

    move on. move on.

    i recommend you do a post on the pros and cons of cheese…

    but that might not be what you’re looking for.

    –RC of

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