This is something I’ve been meaning to post for a while….

If you have a lot of blogs that you read and you are marginally net savy, you probably use an RSS reader to notify you that a blog has a new post. Well, I found something pretty handy that you may want to hear about. It’s called and basically it’s a web-based RSS reader. It’s free to use and you can add all your favorite blogs, or other sites with RSS feeds, to your list and it will let you know when something new has been posted. The advantage is that since it’s on the web, you can check it from any net-equipped computer. I find it most helpful. Check it out.


6 thoughts on “Bloglines

  1. Chris

    Ah, pushing our friends into the 21st century eh Ando?

    RSS= Really Simple Syndication and basically allows you to have a list of link that update automatically when something new is posted. Makes it easy for you to see who has a new post and who doesn’t. I use one all the time and love it. If you would prefer to not use a web based one for whatever reason and you have or use FireFox for your web browsing(which you should do on a windows pc because it is less likely you will get spyware from it) it has an rss reader built in. But I do agree with Ando, RSS is a great tool to use especially when just about everyone you know has a blog.

  2. kludge

    Robotic Satisfaction Stealer-

    It’s not the destination its the journey. Half the fun is not what is said, but going to each site, reading them there sourrounded by what that person has chosen to decorate. You get to see more of the person and the essence of the post, in the right environment.

    RSS = books on tape

    not that I have an opinion

  3. Ando

    I totally understand where you’re coming from, Kludge. I just use it to see when ones been updated, then I’ll go to the actual blog to read it. That way I don’t have to keep checking back and artificially inflate your counter numbers.

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