Though most who care to know probably already do, Jen and I have decided that we are not meant to move to Indiana this year. After we returned from our trip, we were pretty much decided that we would be moving. But after talking about it and praying about it for one more day, the conditions just didn’t feel right. We will be revisiting the issue next spring. Here’s a little video of some things we did on our trip.

Quick note on Barry Bonds. A rumor has been circulating that he is going to be indicted on tax evasion and purjury charges in the next few days. If you listen to the sports talk radio hosts in the Bay Area, like I do, you’ll hear them, not defending Bonds per se, but deriding the fact that the federal government is still coming after him as an end user of performance enhancing drugs. This doesn’t sit well with them because Victor Conte, the BALCO mastermind and PED dealer extrodinaire, only got four months in jail. In any criminal drug operation, the prime target for law enforcement is the dealer. So if the dealer only got four months, what’s the point in going after an end user? These talk show hosts would have us believe that it’s some sort of personal vendetta against Bonds. While I don’t doubt that there may be a shred a truth to that line of logic, the real answer is quite simple. The feds aren’t going after Bonds as a user, they’re going after him as a lying tax evader, just like they would any John Q. Lying-Cheater.

Just watched Glory Road. It’s the story of the 1966 Texas Western NCAA basketball championship. It’s significant because it was the first time a NCAA basketball team started five black players and won a championship. Up until that time there were almost no black players on college teams from the south, if any at all. Coach Don Haskins took over in 1962 and looked to build a championship basketball program with players who could play, regardless of color. It’s a good sports movie and good reminder of how things were not too terribly long ago and how far we’ve come. Not saying racism is a thing of the past, of course, but that event opened a lot of doors for a lot of people, black, white, or anything else.

Year/Make/Model: 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee (White)
Symptoms: Grinding when brakes applied
Diagnosis: Front brakes worn; rotors worn beyond acceptable levels
Procedure: Replace front brakes and rotors
Parts: Brakes Pads (2); Rotors (2); Rear Brake Light Lamp (1)
Total Cost incl. Parts/Labor/Tax: $502.26
Additional Cost: 0$

Year/Make/Model: 1993 Toyota Tercel (Blue)
Symptoms: Strange knocking sound under valve cover (metal on metal)
Diagnosis: Missing rod bearing and/or guide; possibly sucked down into engine
Procedure: Replace engine
Parts: Engine
Total Cost incl. Parts/Labor/Tax: A lot
Additional Cost: 80$ (towing)

FYI, not good when your mechanic has to refer you to a specialist.

Was at the grocery store today and saw a disturbing headline I want to make you all aware of. The Apocolypse begins next month. At least according to The Sun. Just thought you should know. I always figured it would be in August.


3 thoughts on “Potpouri

  1. kludge


    Thios post was jam packed with morning goodness.

    The video was supurb! To see your dad getting giddy over blowing stuff up was hilarious. I had to explain my outburst to my co-workers.

    I’m sorry about Indiana. The house was amazing, and it looked warm and comfortable like any hobbit would want.

    And the post just kept going. good post, sorry about your car, especialy after you decided to stay… The though occurs to me…
    If you need some extra cash, you and your weedwacker can go pound the pavement for on a saturday. I’d be happy to come by and take pictures!

  2. J Crew

    Bonds- Guilty

    Video- whoa baby! Whoa baby!

    Vehicles- expensive to maintain

    Glory Road- great movie

    Apocalypse- I didn’t know The Sun had the inside track

  3. SJ

    Glad to hear you two will be around :):):) Thanks for sharing the video – I have seen part of it, but will have to view the rest when I am not in “dial-up” land. Jeremy and I have found a great coffee house about 15 minutes away – so maybe I can see the rest this week :)

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