Raging Inferno

Is it just me, or does it seem Sonoma County has decended into the Seventh Circle of Hell? Seriously, I can’t imagine the surface of the sun being any hotter. After walking outside from an air conditioned building, it’s like a giant is breathing his hot breath in my face. Having a house whose inside reaches the approximate temperature of the internal combustion engine doesn’t help either. I can’t wait until I leave for Ecuador on Friday so I can escape this unearthly heat.

8 thoughts on “Raging Inferno

  1. Chris

    The big let down was coming out of a comfy movie theater and into the blast furnace. I honestly cannot remember temps this hot here. Weird I tells ya, weird.

  2. kludge


    Your right, it is hot, Cerebus is on the county line warning intruders!

    Find sancuary wherever you can, circle K’s old folks homes, or sancuaries.

  3. SJ

    About 90 here – has cooled off some. We just feel bad about leaving our guests in a non-air conditioned house.

  4. littlerobin

    i went swimming in the lake today. I think I saw bubbles of boiling water around the edges. People were jumping out over the boiling water to reach the cooler deeper part of the lake. Some elderly man dipped his tea cup into water at the beach and added a tea bag and a bit of sugar. “Ah perfect” he said.

  5. RC

    how crazy, ecuador being cooler…

    can’t say i’m a big fan of this present heat…at all.

    funny movie refrences.

    –RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

  6. Anna

    well we down here in So. Cal got upto 117 degrees the other day…Tim and I have resorted to sleeping on the floor of our living room in order to make it through the night without roasting!!

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