YouTube Friday: Redux

Ok, so yesterday’s clip wasn’t as universally appreciated as I had hoped. Please accept this as an apology. It’s an older clip that’s been floating around for a while, but I hope you enjoy it a little more than hobbits that sound like mental institution patients.

7 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Redux

  1. Call Me June...

    Still odd of course, but not so creepy! Definitely more appreciated! Let’s forget about the crazed hobbits and never speak of it again!

  2. jenylu

    Not only do I think that is absolutely hillarious, Johnny tried to post it on my blog Thursday night! We are just not as savvy as you. :)

  3. kludge

    This was much better!

    I hadn’t seen that one before I was loving it! It’s not good to be busting up at the office when everyone thinks I’m working. :)

    I see you posted from google video…

    …come to the dark side.

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