The Aaron Brooks Glitch

This quote is from Bill Simmons, aka The Sports Guy, my fave sportwriter and pop-culture oracle. Even if you’re not really a big sports fan, if you’re into movies or 80’s tv or humor in general, you’d probably enjoy him (there’s a link on the sidebar). Anyway, before I sound like a pyscho (too late?), here’s the quote and relevent YouTube vid. Enjoy, video sports fans!

Chargers (-3) over RAIDERS
I’ll leave you with this: Apparently the European version of “Madden” has a glitch where, if you’re playing in superstar mode and not controlling the QB, he’ll throw the football backward on every play. I mention this not because it’s a funny YouTube clip, but because the person who posted that YouTube clip called it, “the Aaron Brooks glitch.” In other words, they decided to name the glitch after the real-life QB who’s most likely to throw the ball 35 yards backward during a game. And you wonder why I’m laying the three.

Link to full article.


2 thoughts on “The Aaron Brooks Glitch

  1. kludge

    I don’t understand the sports joke, (i.e. Aaron Brooks) but the glitch is hysterical, especially considering the popularity of the game, and fanaticism of the people who play it.

    This is a HUGE mistake!

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