How!…Could I Have Been So Stupid

In honor of the Kludge Spot.

It was my first semester of Jr. College. My buddy Jon The Green Beret and I were taking English 1A together. Our teacher was a guy named Ralph Farve and he looked exactly like James Earl Jones except that he had an inexplicbly high voice. But that’s not really part of the story. There was a native american girl in our class and she had taken a bit of a shine to Jon. She would try to corner him after class and talk his ear off about various things he did not really care to discuss. But he was a polite fellow and always treated her kindly, which of course only encouraged our friendly squaw. I can’t remember ever actually talking to her myself except for once.

Jon and I were walking across campus one day when she approached us from the lawn in front of the book store.

“Hi guys!”, she called out walking toward us.

Without thinking I replied, “How………………..dy! Howdy, hi, how are you? Uh, eh…hi.”

I could feel the back of my neck getting hot and I’m sure I must have turned a bright crimson. Suddenly wished that I was in the safety of the Happy Hunting Ground. She gave me a kind of sideways, “You are an idiot aren’t you” look and I decided it was best I keep my mouth shut as she and Jon had a conversation. As soon as we parted ways Jon and I about passed out laughing at the gaff. Not my finest moment.

5 thoughts on “How!…Could I Have Been So Stupid

  1. kludge

    Okay, this is very funny! Did you put your hand up, or do the mouth covered yell? At least you didn’t dance around or anything!

    Thanks for sharing your pain… do you feel better or worse?

  2. jenylu

    I’m glad you stopped short of singing that favorite Peter Pan song, “What Makes the Red Man Red?” Instead you just showed her what makes Andy red! :)

  3. Ando

    Kludge, I don’t think I put my hand up, but it was a long time ago. I could be trying to make it sound not quite as bad.

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