YouTube Friday: A Pair of Parodies

A couple of vids today….

First, if you listened to the radio at all this past summer you’ll recognize the song in this first clip. I’m not a fan of Empty-V (MTV), but this Gnarls Barkley performance is one for the ages.

Second, nothing spices up a spelling bee like some Napoleon Dynamite impressions. The best part of that one is the completely clueless commentators. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: A Pair of Parodies

  1. kludge

    1. Always love the Sci-Fi ones, and this one was no exception.

    2. Napoleon Dynamite – never seen it, never will, but certainly a bold move for our young spelling dork.

  2. jenylu

    I agree with SJ,everyone should see Napoleon D once because it’s becoming part of being culturally literate. What’s that say about our culture???

    Entertaining videos Ando :)

  3. kludge

    It’s just a “thing” that can’t easily be explained. I decided it was stupid from the first quote I heard. I told everyone I wouldn’t see it. They could have been handing out gold bars at the theatre and I still couldn’t go back on that original stance. It just me.

    I glad you like it, and I’m happy your happy.

  4. Ando

    I can relate. I’m one of the eight living Americans to have never seen Titanic for no other reason than to be able to have my tombstone read “Andy Bauer 1977 – 2077: He never saw Titanic.”

    Though if they ever do a re-screening of Napoleon where they’re handing out gold bars, I would swallow the convictions and go see it just for the gold.

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