The Chronicles of Ecuador

This is a spot where I’m going to gather all the links to my Ecuador posts as well as all my Ecuador related videos. It will be linked in the sidebar.

South of the Border

I’ve Been Shot!

Ecuador Day One: We Have Arrived

Ecuador Day Two: Sight Seeing and Adventures in Lunch

Ecuador Day Three: Smashing the Language Barrier

Mucho Trabago

Living It Up at the Hotel Salazar

Saturday, Sunday, and Reflections



Pilar de Muerte

Hotel Salazar

Rhett Unplugged


3 thoughts on “The Chronicles of Ecuador

  1. jenylu

    Great idea Ando! Now if I send someone to your site looking for your Ecuador material, they won’t have to read about crushes on Pim & Jam, whoops, I mean Jim & Pam!:)

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  3. Enjoyed your posts a lot! I’m Ecuadorian and for some reason I ended up on your blog. Glad I did though. Seems you had quite the adventure.

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