True Confessions

My favorite non-24 TV show these days is most definitely The Office. Maybe even including 24. The writing is brilliant, the characters are quirky, the actors who play them are perfect, the editing is spot on, and the theme song is the best in a long time. Watching this show makes me realize how creatively talented I really am…not. But this never depresses me. That’s how good it is. Jen and I recently bought the second season on DVD and spent pretty much every free moment of the last week watching it and all the special features. It’s so much different than the typical sit-com. The timing of the jokes is awesome. The lingering pauses are what makes it.

So, now for the true confessions part. I have a crush on Pam… But it’s ok, because Jen has a crush on Jim. While watching season two we’ve kind of developed this parallel crush thing. Jen has had her big-screen crushes before. I nearly had to ban her from watching the Star Wars prequels thanks to Ewan McGregors beard, but I’ve never had a celebrity crush before. Well, I guess if you don’t count Brett Favre. It’s kind of weird and I feel a little bit like a loser or a chick. Or both. This didn’t happen during the first season because she didn’t get to smile as much. But this season….wow, what a smile. (Really, it’s ok for me to say that because Jen thinks Jim is cute. You should hear the things she says about him. Whew!) Ok, I can’t talk about this anymore. I’m embarrassed. Unread everything you just read. Ok, just watch these clips and you’ll see what I’m talking about. For the show and for Pam.

7 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. SJ

    Jeremy loves The Office – can’t wait for the season premiere (I probably spelled that wrong – too early in the morning).

  2. kludge


    This is odd, and again, I’m happy your happy.

    BTW Patricia has a Pierce Brosnan thing, with is the only reason we own Remmington Steele…but I have to say I don’t get the “crush on Jim” thing… I suppose it takes all sorts.

  3. Ando

    Kludge –

    it is odd and I’m a little uncomforable with myself. Is it weird that I tried to add her as a Myspace friend? I don’t get the Jim thing either, but then again, I am a guy, so…

    J Crew –

    If you had a crush on her, shouldn’t you have been happy she broke up with Zack?

  4. Heavy G

    My wife accused me of also having a crush on Pam but I think she only did that to cover the fact that she has one on Dwight.

  5. Ando

    LOL. That’s awesome. Hey, what can you say, Pam’s a cutie. Especially the Casino Night episode. Zowie! (Really I can say that. Jen thinks Jim is cute.)

  6. Your Mother

    I think that this is all very disturbing and that you should throw away all of “The Office” DVD’s

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