The Wednesday Review: Fill In the Blank

I have nothing to review today. Anyone read or see anything good?


Ok, I got an idea from Kludge’s comment. Time for some audience participation. Can you name a series of movies in which a sequel was better than the original. Go!


13 thoughts on “The Wednesday Review: Fill In the Blank

  1. kludge

    In keeping with yesterdays theme I had asked Patricia to rent “Pirates of the Carribean” We hadn’t seen it but decided to take the plunge.

    It was witty, interesting, a bit scary, and action packed. I don’t recall any language, since it is a Disney movie. Being a geek I loved the CG pirates to skeletons transistions and kept hooting everytime it happened.

    I give Mr Verbinski full marks for the sword fight in the blacksmiths, the great boat footage, and the few scenes with a nod to the ride…

    three out of five pirate hats.

  2. Ando

    That is a good flick. The second one is fun and has it’s moments, but it’s not nearly as good as the original, but sequels rarely are.

    Hey, there’s something. Ok, I’ll be right back.

  3. kludge

    I don’t know about better than the first, but the Lord of the Ring Trilogy was a huge exception to the ‘sequals stink’ rule!

    Of course as a geek, Star Trek II pounded Star Trek The Motion Picture into the dirt.

  4. Call Me June...

    I was going to say Toy Story 2 as well, but Josh stole my thunder. I had the privelege (sarcasm intended!) of watching Cutting Edge 2 while sick with the flu last week. It might possibly get the award for worst sequel!

  5. Ando

    There was a second Cutting Edge? That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard. Yikes.

    Ok, I’ll say that Empire Strikes Back is better than the first Star Wars and possibly Godfather II better than the first, but I’m not sure about that one.

  6. Jeremy

    For fear of being despised by everyone, I thought the Empire Strikes Back was the BEST of the Star Wars Trilogy. Although A New Hope was excellent and a very good stand alone film, the infamous “Luke, I am your father” line stands head and shoulders above all other films.

  7. kludge

    I don’t despise you, i believe that is a fairly socialy acceptable comment. Most people I know agree with you.

    One word: Yoda! Duh!

  8. RJ-77

    Shrek II was as good if not better than Shrek.

    And I don’t know what I think about Empire being the best of the trilogy. I may have to watch them all again to get a better view.

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