Show Us What You Got TV!

After holding out for a whole year and a half, Jen and I have fallen off the wagon. Our living room is once again illuminated by the blue glow. So sue me. It’s just an experiment really, to see if we are able to control ourselves. A pipedream I know, but it’s worth a shot, especially during football season. This past week I’ve been reconditioning my clicking finger and should be in mid-season form just in time for the MLB playoffs. A few observations from my first week back on the box:

Things I Missed

NFL football
Time-Life Music infomercials
Infomercials in general
The History Channel
Commercials (funny)
Not having to ask friends and family to tape 24, The Office, The Apprentice, or The Contender

Things I Didn’t Miss

Commercials (lame)
Five spanish channels
Three chinese channels
The E! Network
103 lame reality shows involving ex-child stars and/or D-list celebrities
General Hospital
The Honorable Judges Judy, Mills Lane, Joe Brown, Hatchett, et. al.
Bob Goen


15 thoughts on “Show Us What You Got TV!

  1. Call Me June...

    HGTV would top my list of things I’d miss most, and hey, it seems maybe you could use those Spanish channels a little more productively, so as never to call your host a fool again! Welcome back to the world of 100 mindless ways to waste 100 hours!

  2. Emberli

    Don’t mess with HGTV!! That, the food network and TLC are my #1 channels. Your gonna have all the girls with TV commenting on that.

  3. SJ

    Emberli is so right – but hey Emberli – maybe now that Jen and Andy have TV back, Jen will invite us over for a good TLC marathon or some great home improvement ideas on HGTV! Just a thought – could be a super fun time for the girls :)

  4. kludge


    I’m sorry to find that your willpower and imagination have faltered. I hope you will be contented with your sports, infomercials and thirty peices of silver…

  5. Ando


    Yeeaaaah, don’t see that happening anytime soon.


    Do you know how much 30 pieces of silver buys these days?

  6. kludge


    I never thought about it like that… How many seasons of Star Trek do you think I could get with that?

  7. Tara

    Have you seen the new episodes of the Office so far? They are fan-freaking-tastic and so hilarious! I will unashamedly admit that good tv like that is what Matt and I look forward to each week. Maybe that’s partly because tv is one of the few things we can enjoy that doesn’t require a babysitter.

  8. Ando



    Heavy G-

    The only redeeming thing about E! would be that they show old SNL reruns. However, they apparently only have the rights to run sucky episodes.


    Yes I have been watching the new season and it is hilarious as always.

    I love inside jokes. Hope to be a part of one someday.

    Michael Scott

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