I Hate Yardwork

They always tell you when you’re a kid that some day when you have your own house, you’ll enjoy yardwork a lot more. For me, this is true on most days. Today was not one of them. The contents of the above mishap is 90% leaves and twigs, 9% dirt and rocks, .5% other debris, .4% dog doo, .1% spatulas and was collected over a period of about two and a half hours. Because I’m an all-around great guy, I will attempt to bring all of you some joy at the expense of myself. Unfortunately I didn’t get the actual accident on tape, but rest assured, when attempting acts of idiocy in the future I will endeavor to always have the cameras rolling.

7 thoughts on “I Hate Yardwork

  1. kludge

    Great video! Well Done!

    Sorry about the yard work, I have to say, but you did a fabulous job with the editing.

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