One Hundred Thirty Five

In honor of my 135th post, here are 135 things I think are cool, in no order whatsoever. (BTW, I stole this list idea from someone else, so if you happen to be that person or someone that know’s that person, sorry. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? Right? Please?)

1. Mt. Dew
2. My Creative Zen Vision: M
3. Jen
4. Word War II magazine
5. MP3’s
6. Sausage
7. Fantasy baseball
8. Beck
9. The Internet
10. Camcorders
11. E-mail
12. Wooden baseball bats
13. The Office
14. Movies
15. Robots
16. Ulead Movie Studio Pro 8
17. Those tupperware sets that use all the same lid and come with a lazy susan to keep all the pieces on
18. Bottled water
19. Bodega Bay
20. Hats
21. Star Wars IV, V, & VI
22. Paintball
23. Christmas Eve
24. Christmas Morning
25. Monday Night Football
26. Mondy night basketball
27. Spring training
29. Jackson
30. Game nights with friends
31. Family vacations
32. T-shirts
33. Playoffs (any sport)
34. Call of Duty
35. Silent films
36. Blogs
37. Church pic-nics
38. Softball
39. AT&T Park
40. Disneyland
41. Garlic fries
42. Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly
43. Weird Al
44. The History Channel
45. DVD’s
46. Cashews
47. Jack Bauer
48. Andy Bauer [snicker]
49. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
50. Pizza with various meats
51. Nighthawks by Edward Hopper
53. Hiking
54. Air conditioning
55. The picture of the Golden Gate bridge hanging in our living room
56. Butterfingers
57. Talking history with my dad
58. Watching college football in person
59. Flush toliets
60. Missionaries
61. My Abco t-shirt that is discintagrating before my very eyes
62. Jeopardy
63. Shorts
64. Converse All-stars, black
65. American flags
66. Getting packages in the mail
67. Giving someone something they really wanted
68. Round-Up
69. Veterans
70. Vacations
71. The History Book Club (4 books for $1 each with nothing more to buy ever!)
72. The Far Side
73. Not being sick
74. Wikipedia
75. Sleeping in
76. Staying up late
77. Risk
78. NFL Films
79. Homer Simpson
80. Friends that help you move
81. Family members who enjoy each others company
82. Regular commenters on my blog
83. Brand new commenters on my blog
84. Julio Franco
85. Hot showers
86. ESPN
87. American Pie (the song)
88. Steve Carrell as Michael Scott
89. Theme to The Rockford Files
90. Rhapsody
91. High school sports
92. Good things unexpected
93. Camping
94. Old newsreels
95. Movie trailers
96. Re-cut movie trailers on YouTube
97. Awkward pauses viewed as a third party
98. Christmas music
99. My original 8-bit Nintendo which still works
100. Dishwashers
101. Steak
102. Football on Thanksgiving
103. Volunteers
104. Oskie
105. Getting along with siblings
106. A chef cactus playing “We Didn’t Start the Fire” on the flute on the Conan O’brien show
107. Bill Simmons
108. Chuch Norris singing the theme song to “Walker Texas Ranger”
109. Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream
110. Snyder’s of Hanover Honey Mustard & Onion pretzel pieces
111. Han Solo, Indiana Jones, and Jack Ryan all personified in Harrison Ford
112. Homeownership
113. Birthday parties
114. Flying
115. Green Bay Packers
116. Old family photos
117. Books
118. Picture of the Omaha Beach landing Jen got me for Christmas last year
119. Rally caps
120. Jen’s sense of humor
121. Techmo Bowl
122. War movies
123. Humble celebrities
124. Honest politicians
125. Admitting there are such things
126. Short weddings
127. Discounts
128. Netflix
129. SF Giants
130. People who can laugh at themselves
131. Completed home improvement projects
132. Vintage signage
133. Refrigerators
134. Steve McQueen
135. Fonzi

14 thoughts on “One Hundred Thirty Five

  1. Anna

    um yes, i’m your sister and i was a little upset that i didn’t make your top 135 things you like, unless of course you count #105 getting along with siblings, but alas what can expect from a brother who puts himself on his own fav. 135 and does not know how to spell my last name!!

  2. SJ

    Great list – I have to admit I read the whole list and partly to see if Jen was listed above Pam – ha ha!!!!!! And hey – I made the list – people who regularly comment – – – – that is cool!!!

  3. kludge

    Congrats on 135!
    6, 17, and 54. Life is complete.

    I, not being a sports guy, had to look up 84. I thought for a moment that we were talking about Generalísimo Francisco Franco and I was a bit shocked. I additionally had to look up 104, but didn’t mistake it for a dictator.

  4. Ando

    jbau- Jen will always come before Jenna. And why do you love coffee so much?

    Anna- Yes, I got it. I spelled your last name wrong. And besides, “cool” is not a strong enough word for how I feel about you.

    sj- I know which side my bread is buttered on.

    Kludge- Though a heartless dictator, I hear the Generalissmo was a pretty sharp dresser. Very Rico Suave.

  5. J Crew

    I like how Dew is #1 and Jen is #3. Very nice. I didn’t see lunch at Arby’s on the list though, what’s up with that

  6. Ando

    And I quote…”in no order whatsoever.” Guess that’ll learn me. Always make the wife #1 on any things that are cool list.

  7. jenylu

    17. Those tupperware sets that use all the same lid and come with a lazy susan to keep

    I’m sure that would make it onto my top 135 as well.

  8. RC

    what a fun list, i love it!!!

    love the history book club…are you really enrolled?

    –RC of

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