YouTube Friday: Ask The Ninja

I know, I know, I’ve been a lazy blogger lately. I have a really good excuse, but I’m kinda tired and don’t feel like writing it all down right now. Maybe later. In the meantime, enjoy this from The Ninja.

4 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Ask The Ninja

  1. kludge

    As always another classic Ask A Ninja! Love it love it love it. I was not expecting to see him in an english riding cap. That was certainly a new twist!

  2. profile scrutinizer

    Have you noticed that all of the favorite music you listed in your profile have a “B” word in them?… interesting

  3. Ando

    catching up on our blog reading, eh Brad. Gasp! Another B!

    Yeah, think the Ninja is sort of a guy thing. You know what I don’t get? Nascar.

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