So I Voted

So, I voted. True to Ando form I arrived at the polls no more than 10 minutes ago, five minutes before they closed. To be perfectly honest, I almost didn’t vote. I’ve not been following the political winds as perhaps I should have been of late. I’m just so tired of the scandals, and the lies, and hypocrisy, and manipulation. Call it disenchantment, call it apathy, call it cynicism, call it what you want, but it just gets me down. I look at all these candidates and I don’t see any of them that truly reflect me. (By the way, I’m a white male) That, and it’s dark out and I already had my shoes off. So I almost didn’t vote.

But then I thought, “You know, men have died to give me this right. What a diservice I’m doing to them if I don’t make the most of it.” I got up off the couch, grabbed our absentee ballots that had been sitting on our end table for several weeks, checked the appropriate boxes, at least I hope they were the appropriate boxes, and raced down to the polling place.

There’s no such thing as the perfect candidate. If you think there is then you need to lay off the party Kool-Aid and come back to reality. Politicians, Republican, Democrat, or Other have always and will always have flaws, like every other human being. The important thing is to find the right candidate you believe will do his (or her) best to steer the country in the right direction. It’s difficult to cut through all the garbage to uncover who that is, but if we turn into a nation of cynics who don’t vote because we already took our shoes off, things will get worse and we will have forfeited our right to complain about it.


4 thoughts on “So I Voted

  1. SJ

    We voted – yea! I am thankful that Jeremy was more knowledgable than I can could tell me who was who and what was what – – – made it a little easier. Like my dad said, “what is sad is that I really don’t vote “for” someone, but choose the lesser of two evils in many cases.” My hope comes though in God being Sovereign over all – – – otherwise, it would be scary than it already can be – – – and is – – – thankfully he is in charge :)

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