Seperated at Birth?

This is why we have the Internet. Not sure how pleased I am with the results. It would appear to the untutored and naive that I have the face of a geezer. But I consider it a great honor to share a likeness of countenance with some of the greatest of the Greatest Generation. With the possible exception of Eleanor Roosevelt. Try one for yourself. I hope your results are more satisfactory.

8 thoughts on “Seperated at Birth?

  1. SJ

    Jeremy and I have had a ton of fun with this – – – we have put us and most of our family into it – I am not seeing your resemblance to E. Roosevelt. But I had some difficulties with some of mine – – – but thanks for giving us some great entertainment! I think my nephew Ramsey was the most fun – – -being a baby and all – –

  2. Call Me June...

    Well, it’s not like Pat Benatar really thrilled me, but I DO NOT think I look like Michael Crichton! I think I’d better find a better picture!

  3. kludge

    Maybe you should try one without a hat ando… did you notice all your look-a-likes?

    Would I rather be Eleanor Roosevelt or Sandra Bullock, let me think…

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