Two Random TV Observations On a Thursday

I’m sick today. Jen has passed her sore throat, stuffy head, and cough to me and so I’m home from work watching the telly. In other news, I bought a truck. Film at 11.

On to the two observations……

Is there anything more dorky than a TV news anchor who tries to talk to the sports guy about how “the team” is doing right after the sports segment? They always look like the dorky guy at school that doesn’t know anything about sports but tries to talk shop with the jocks anyway.

“Hey fellas. Did you see that guy hit the home run yesterday for the 49ers?”

The anchor man could be Jim Brown and he’d still look like Steve Urkell. Someone should tell these guys to just stop.

Second observation….

What’s the deal with those Hanes commercials with Michael Jordan and Kevin Bacon? His Airness has been doing Hanes ads for years, but what brilliant marketing guru thought adding a girly-haired Kevin Bacon to the mix would be a fresh new wrinkle? And what made Kevin Bacon agree to expose his effeminate basketball shooting style in a national ad campaing? I guess the straight to video sequel to Hollow Man didn’t bring in the bacon like he thought it would. Get it, bacon?

7 thoughts on “Two Random TV Observations On a Thursday

  1. J Crew

    Kevin Bacon is quite the scary individual. Sorry you don’t feel well, but stay away from us, :) Jusk Kidding

  2. Kludge

    I resent your antagnistic attitude toward dorky guys! We have feelings too you know! So I don’t know an offsides from an icing!

    PS jocks smell! Must be all that sweat..


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