Missing Persons

The Regulars may have noticed a sharp decrease in post frequency the past couple of weeks. This was due, in part, to my recent bout with the influenza, or whatever it was I was bouting, and thinking made my brain hurt. However, it also is due to the fact that I’ve gone back to school. Well, technically I haven’t gone anywhere since the classes are held entirely on the Interweb. Nonetheless, my time usually reserved for blogging has been swallowed up by my new found devotion to scholarly pursuits. I will still make an effort to squeeze out one post a week, but my penchant for slackery may get the best of me. Better to slack on the blog, than the homework I suppose. What will most likely end up happening is I will begin posting my writing assignments here in place of regular nonsense. Who knows, we all may end up actually learning something. Rest assured however, that as time and homework permit I will continue to post the tripe that has so inspired you all for lo this past year. In the immortal words of Bartles & James, thank you for your support.


10 thoughts on “Missing Persons

  1. Anonymous

    I understand completely Ando. Just find one of those weird facts websites and hook us up with facts a few times a week

  2. Ando

    I’ve got an English class (required) and a US History to 1877 class.

    Hopefully, the papers I write for the history class will make good posts for TBFKAATJCWQ.

  3. Ando

    It’s through a system called the American Public University. They have three different schools, American Public Unitversity, American Military University, and American Community College. It was originally founded for folks in the military or public safety professions who, because of deployment and regular jobs couldn’t attend regular classes. It’s 100% online and is available to anyone. It’s really pretty cool.

  4. jenylu

    Glad you’re feeling better. I’ll look forward to those history papers you post. I do read your other blog, whatever that name is, just too lazy to figure out how to post a comment.:)

  5. Ando

    It’s actually quite simple Jenylu…just a little hard to see. At the bottom of each post near where the date is, and just above that decorative bracket thingy is the word “Comments.” Click it and comment away.

  6. Jennylu

    What part about “too lazy” didn’t you understand Ando?

    Just teasin’ — I’ll give it a try now that you put it that way.

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