Welcome to the New and Improved (?) LIFE OF ANDO

wpbbq.jpgYes its true.  After over a year of faithful blogging on Blogger, I’ve left.  The new changes they made almost convinced me to stay, but I was still having some issues that were driving me crazy.  Specifically, Blogger for some reason has decided not to seperate paragraphs as I specify in the editor.  I was having to manually enter the HTML in order to have a line break.  I tried changing templates but that didn’t help.  That was kind of the straw that broke the camels back.  Plus I like some of the features WordPress has and Blogger does not.  For instance, see those tree tabs just below my snazzy new header?  The ones that say Home, About, and Photos?  Those are called pages and are basically “like posts except they live outside of the normal blog chronology and can be hierarchical. You can use pages to organize and manage any amount of content.”  So, the About page may contain information about my blog or me and will alway be available from the main page so newcomers don’t have to scour the archives to find out what this Ando is all about.  Or the Photos page might have…you guessed it, photos.  Maybe I didn’t want to post all my pictures from Ecuador in a post, but I can organize them and other pictures into galleries accesable from the Photos page which is always visible no matter what post you may be reading.  Make sense?

 Anyway, I’m still working out the kinks and adding my links, so don’t worry if you once held a sacred place in my sidebar and are now missing.  Everyone will be restored to their rightful place eventually.  In the meantime be sure to update all your links and feeds to the new and possibly improved Life of Ando (https://lifeofando.wordpress.com).

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the New and Improved (?) LIFE OF ANDO

  1. So long blogger, thanks for all the links.

    I’ll update you. BTW welcome to Cafepress!! I like the magnet. One thing I’ve learned, you might want to add the url in small print to graphic…to get the word out!

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