Caps Off

Gas CapI’m proud to announce that my Toyota pickup truck is now adorned with a snazzy Mercedes-Benz gas cap.  Used of course.  The size of my wallet isn’t nearly large enough to procure a new one.

 Yesterday as I stopped to fill up I discovered I had been driving around for the last two weeks or so with no gas cap.  That can’t be good.  Is it dangerous to drive without a gas cap?  Anyway, no big deal, I’m at the gas station with a mini-mart, I’m sure they have one.  They didn’t.  All they had were orphaned ones from the lost and found.  Hence the fine German-engineered upgrade to my fueling system that doesn’t really fit.

 How can a gas station not sell gas caps?  This wasn’t one of those kiosk stations where you have to slide the money under the bullet proof glass in the metal drawer.  It was a modest sized shop, but certainly large enough to provide an assortment of useful odds and ends to its customers, especially vehicularly useful items.  And some they did have:  sunglasses holders, tire pressure gauges, clip-on cupholders, other non-essential niceties.  They also carried non-vehicular items like scissors, scotch tape, pens and pencils.  How does this make sense?  Is this a gas station or a craft store?  Who thinks to themself, “Hmmm, I can’t seem to find those scissors.  I know, I’ll run down to the gas station and pick some up.”  This never happens.  And its impossible for me to the be the first person in filling staion history to need a gas cap while at the gas station!

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to me.  A friend of mine ran out of gas one time and called me to drive him to a gas station.  We needed a gas can.  Neither of us had one, but figured most gas stations would carry them.  Wrong.  I think we had to go to three different stations before finally finding one that did.  Shouldn’t all gas stations be required to sell all gas related merchandise?  Gas caps, gas cans, GasEx……  Ok, maybe they’d be philisophically opposed to selling GasEx, but you get the point.  Personally, I think they’re missing a tremendous revenue opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Caps Off

  1. I could not agree with you more. That would be like going to Michael’s and not finding any crafts or going to Borders and not selling books.

  2. pops

    It’s only bad to not have a gas cap on most of the newer cars. They rely on a pressurized system so they have to have a cap or else they run really rough. Oh, and if it were to rain there is a chance you could get water in your fuel. Not a good thing really.

  3. It was the 76 on Mark West Springs and Old Redwood Highway. They had one other choice, but it was too big. But it did have a neat red stripe!

  4. I just got a refesher course in this yesterday. I had a flat tire and NO ONE has a tire patch kit.

    “Do you have a tire patch kit?'”


    “never mind…”

    I ended up having to haul it to Keith and Don’s place and get them to patch it.

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