Blah-gDo you ever have those nights when you know you have resonably important things to do, but just can’t bring yourself to do them?  You know you should pay the bills, but there’s 60 TV channels to flip through.  And you can’t flip through them just once, you might miss something.  What if there’s a good movie on Telemundo but it was on a commercial when you went past?  Well, you’ve gotta go around the dial again.  I figure about five complete go-rounds and you’ve seen everything that’s on.  Of course by then, most stations have probably moved on to the next show, so another five go-rounds and before you know it, its 11PM and time for bed.

In case you havn’t guessed, I’m having one of those nights…right now.  It was all I could do to muster up this ridiculous post.  I have a laundry list of things I should  be doing.  I need to finalize our budget, I have over 100 pages of reading to do for school before the weekend, I have videos that need editing, emails that need sending, and other more interesting posts that need writing.  And yet……


10 thoughts on “Blah-g

  1. Dad

    Hey are you some how inside of me … it is exactly how I felt Monday and still have some traces lingering today …. you must be related to me … sorry!

  2. Anna

    Well I feel like that most of the time actually…perhaps it just runs in the family, but at least now I have the excuse of recovering from the stomach flu, no fun!!

  3. Jennylu

    I’m currently doing something very important — reading your insightful post to put off getting some real work done. :)

  4. Dad & Anna – You just can’t keep those Bauer’s down…or apparently you can.

    Jennylu – Glad I could contribute to your procrastinisity (yes I just made a new word) and thanks. The title was the extent of my cleverness that evening.

  5. wow…i think your picture summed it up so perfectly…you’re so right to mention days like that…that feeling is so real.

    i wonder if people in the pre-tv era felt like that…i wonder what they did when they felt blah-g.

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