I am a man of all seasons.  That is to say, I enjoy the shifting in weather patterns, not I am talented in various and sundry ways.  I enjoy the gentle warmth of spring, but I always look forward to the high skies and long days of summer.  I enjoy the brisk days and overcast skies of fall, with its smell of fireplaces in the air, but I’m always ready for the first rain of winter.  Probably the primary reason I enjoy the different times of year, is that I live in what is in all likelihood the most mild climate in the country.  If I had to endure mountains of snow in the winter and suffocating humidity in the summer, I might not look upon the solstices and equinoxes with such an affable eye.

After our annual mid-February tease, it appears that spring has finally sprung here in Santa Rosa.  The rains, at least the heavy ones, have gone on hiatus for the year, the sun is free again to cast its warm glow, unimpeded by a shroud of cloud.  On Sunday, Jen and I both had homework to do, so we cleaned the winter grime off the picnic table and chairs and did our studying beneath trees in full bloom, with the gentle rhythm of the passing highway traffic to sooth our souls.  OK, I could have done without the traffic.

While I do find genuine delight (if I can use the phrase “genuine delight” without sounding too gay) in all the seasons, this particular time of year could make a strong case for being my favorite.  The weather of course is a no brainer with the aforementioned warm sun, the ubiquitous greenery, the smell of freshly cut lawns, and the ever lingering daylight.  But there are two other factors that may be the clinchers:  spring training and March Madness, baby!

Save for pretty much anything my wife says, there are for words I long to hear more than any in the English language:  pitchers and catchers report.  From the end of the baseball postseason in October to the sweet utterance of that phrase the sports landscape is incomplete if not in some instances a complete and utter wasteland.  From October to the beginning of February I have football, NCAA and NFL, to tied me over, but once the Super Bowl ends the month and a half to opening day seem a lifetime.

But now everything is right with the world once again.  My fantasy leagues are set up, there’s a steady stream of Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim news to be read everyday coming from the Arizona desert, and hope springs eternal for a new season.

 On top of the renewal of baseball, the NCAA tournament is about to commence.  I don’t follow NCAA basketball too closely until the tournament, at which point I throw myself into the filling out of tournament brackets with full enthusiasm and insist on watching games between teams I wouldn’t otherwise give a flying flip about, with names like Wright State, Crieghton, Southern Illinois, and George Mason.  I don’t even have any idea where those schools are located.  Except for the Salukis of Southern Illinois.  I think they’re somewhere in southern Illinois.

So here’s to the spring, when not only nature is reborn but the hopes of World Series trophy hoistings and Big Dance net cuttings.

 What are your favorite seasons and why?


6 thoughts on “Seasonal

  1. I prefer the summer over it all. I like the warm weather and nothing is more fun than a day game at the ball park. That being said, this time of year is my favorite for all the aformentioned reasons that you gave. I mean we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior which is unfathomable to me. As for sports, march madness is the best post season of any sport on any level, period and baseball is my favorite sport. So, I’m with you. Let’s BBQ

  2. Anna

    I was just thinking today how i love that it is spring, although down here it’s almost summer weather, also I wanted you to know that upon reading your last blog I checked “high noon” out of the library, so I hope it’s worth it while I’m finishing up report cards!!

  3. Rebecca

    My favorite season in Santa Rosa was late spring, early summer. There was nothing like a nice warm day with a nice cool down at night. It also seemed like spring lasted forever and “winter” was just a quick season. Now in Chicago all of this has changed. We don’t normally have a “sping”. It usually is a week or two (except last year was actually a good spring). Then the hot, humid summer hits. I’d have to say I don’t really have a ‘favorite’ season here. If I had to choose it would be summer because it is better then our like 6 month winter!! :) Nothing beats Northern CA seasons and it still hasn’t gotten easier living here…we are still remembering the “good days” in Santa Rosa!

  4. Did I hear right on the radio this morning that the Cardinals were playing the Cardinal?

    If that’s so… I’d hate to be the sports announcer!

  5. Kludge –

    that is correct. The Stanford Cardinal is playing the Louisville Cardinals. And for the record Stanford is being crushed at this very moment.

    While we’re on the subject, Stanford may have the lamest mascot in all of college sports. They’re the Stanford Cardinal (singular) and their mascot is a redwood tree. Utterly lame.

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