The Weekender

Here I am sitting on my couch on Sunday afternoon, sick again.  I don’t usually get sick, but this year my immune system has apparently decided to take some extra time off.  But of all the weekends to be sick, this was a good one.  Due to the stuffy head, sneezy, coughing so I can’t rest thing I’ve got, I’ve been able to catch more than my fair share of the NCAA tournament, and that’s never a bad thing.  I’ve caught some pretty awesome games, in particular Ohio St. vs. Xavier and Pittsburgh vs. Virgina Commonwealth.  So it hasn’t been all bad.

 I was well enough to go to the auction put on by the school my wife works for and that I attended from the 6th to the 12th grade.  I always find the auction to be an interesting event.  The first few years the school put it on, it seemed that there were always some really highly contested items that raised some big dollars.  In recent years, it seems less so.  Its more like people are looking for a bargain than to open up the wallets for the cause.  I guess all the big spenders’ kids have already graduated.  There were a couple of big ticket items and what that means is not what you think.  The biggest ticket items are always the things personalized by the elementary classes.  For instance, a week stay at a Lake Tahoe condo went for $400.  A cookie jar made by the 1st grade class went for $1500.  Yes, that’s in American dollars.

I actually had offered my video services up for auction.  I did the same thing last year, but then it was in the silent auction portion and this year it was a live auction item, with the possibility of devastating effects to my ego.  Fears confirmed.  I went for a mere $150, purchased by a friend.  Actually, I prefer it this way.  I’d rather put together a slideshow for a friend than someone I don’t know.

 Anyway, that’s about all I have to say for now.  Just trying to pass the time.  Even with the great tournement action one can only take sitting on the couch idly watching for so long.  Here’s the little promo I threw together for the auction.

4 thoughts on “The Weekender

  1. As an average joe, I’m fine with the auction changing a little…

    When we went I felt like a beggar in the golden temple. Every thing I bid on was trumped, and I went home not spending anything, because I couldn’t bid enought.

    I understand it has been a big money raiser for a long time, but any revenue for the school helps, and it feels good to know that my $150 dollars is just as needed as someones $25,000.

    just my $.02

  2. Anna

    I personally think that promo should have gotten you way more money just for the cute couple in the wedding portion, but I also thought it was an impressive promo if I ever need an event filmed I’ll be sure to keep you in mind.

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