Wednesday Review:


Being that this is baseball’s opening week, I thought a baseball-centric WR was in order.  Of all the major sports, none reveres its statistics more than baseball.  Ask even the most fanatical NFL fan what Dan Marino’s passing record is and they probably couldn’t tell you.  Query an NBA fan on how many career points leader Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has and you’ll most likely get a blank stare.  But ask any baseball fan how many career home runs Hank Aaron has and the answer comes back without hesitation:  755.  You could probably even ask what the second highest total is, or was until Barry Bonds started taking cattle hormones and fertility pills, and that answer, 714, would be given before the words would leave your mouth.  Baseball holds its statistics dear, which is part of the reason, a big part, why all broohaha about performance enhancing drugs.

Pharmaceuticals aside, if you are a stat-loving seamhead there is no better place to waste time, at least your wife will think its a waste, than  This site has every stat for every player to ever grace, or disgrace (I’m looking at you Ty Cobb) the diamond.  How many home runs did Mickey Mantle hit in 1956?  52.  How many bases did Ricky Henderson steal in 1987?  41.  What’s Spike Owens’ career on base percentage?  .324.  What was Ted Williams battingverage in 1943?  Ha!  Trick question.  He had no batting average in 1943 because he was off fighting WWII.  I think you get the idea.  No matter how good or how bad, if he had one at-bat or 14,052 at-bats has the stat.

It not only has player stats, but stats for every team, even some that no longer exist, every league, again, even some that don’t exist, and even every manager.  It has lists for every award, MVP, ROY, CY, Gold Gloves, etc.  It even has voting summaries for those awards so you can see how close the vote between Jeff Burroughs and Joe Rudi for the 1974 MVP was (for the record, it wasn’t that close).  This level of minutia detail may seem tedious to the non-baseball person, perhaps even the casual fan, but I assure you, certifiable baseball nuts eat this stuff up.

If you fancy yourself a fanatic of the worlds greatest sport, you should find enough numbers, facts, and trivia to slake your statistical thirst.  Have fun.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Review:

  1. I was just wondering where I could look up Ted Williams Batting Average for 1943. What a lifesaver!


    J/K – Its very cool.

  2. Rebecca

    I enjoy watching sports, but unless I’m playing fantasy sports, i really don’t know what the use is in knowing everyone’s statistics! :) But I can understand why a guy might enjoy it.

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