OreoHas anyone else noticed that Double Stuff Oreo’s seem to have had less creamy middle than they did when we were little?  In recent years it seems more like one and a quarter than double stuff.  I feel jipped.  Are there any other O-R-E-O afficianados out there who have noticed this?  Should we start a letter writing campaign to Nabisco?  Perhaps a boycott?  A website?  Something must be done, right?


15 thoughts on “Jipped

  1. Stephanie – this actually occured to me too, but I’m not buying it. I’ve written a stern, yet respectful email to Nabisco to get to the bottom of this.

  2. Patricia

    I totally agree!!! I even think the regular oreo’s are less than full!! If you really did write a letter you should put that up for all to see. It might inspire some more letter writing.

    J Crew – thanks for the memory jog!! I had completely forgotten about those :) Do you remember our “special” dessert :(

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  4. I did love those Big Stufs. And I think you’re right, Patricia. I think even the regular ones have less filling.

  5. I’m unhappy that my wife posted on your website about her and J Crews ‘special’ dessert.

    This needs to be cleared up!

  6. LOL! Seriously. Let’s keep it clean, people. Did you not see the rating? This is a family blog. There may be Boyd children reading.

  7. Patricia-That dessert was the best. That is the only reason why I am bummed that Acupulco is no more. We should our own. That would be sweet!!! :)

  8. This is an official waring! I have no idea what ‘We should our own.’ means but, I’ll be watching you Carrillo! :)

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