So Many Choices

MortarboardWhenever someone wants to pick on collegiate jocks for their often less than taxing academic requirments, it seems the “class” most often mentioned is Underwater Basket Weaving.  Regardless if this is or ever was an actual college course, I never understood why it was the one people always seemed to bring up, as it sounds incredibly difficult.  I’ve always had a weird kind of facsination with college catalogs, thumbing through them to see what other bizarre or interesting classes may be offered at the country’s halls of higher learning.  My current institution of choice, American Military University, has trumped them all I think.

While looking at the list of available classes to find which electives I might like to take, I found some very interesting possiblities.  It has run-of-the-mill type courses like American Literature before the Civil War, nestled between Weapons of Mass Destruction Incident Command and Forecasting Terrorism.  Ok, I guess those could come in handy.  Let’s see after my class in Microeconomics I have to be sure to finish my reading for Unconventional Warfare.  There’s one class called History of Space.  Not History of Space Flight, or Space Exploration, or Space Observation, but Space itself.  How does that work?  And doesn’t a class on the History Military Rentention sound intriguing?  Or how about Small Unit Leadership?  You could dominate in your next paintball sortie.  Don’t think you won’t regret not taking Port Security.  Its like not taking college level Chemistry.  You don’t think you’ll ever need it, until you do.  Why study Meteorology and become just another weather man when you can take a course in Space Weather and be just another weather man who knows about space weather?  Can’t find where those punk kids hid your keys?  Should have taken that class on Interrogation.

So, I’ve decided to have a little fun with this.  When my schooling is nearly complete and I only have one class left to take, somewhere around 2012 I’m guessing, I am letting you, the Reader, pick from a list of five unusual classes which one I will take.  Assuming I am at a point where my academic record will not be too badly besmirched should I bomb it.  I have placed a link to a poll in the sidebar to the right under the heading The Question——->.  Unfortunately at the moment WordPress doesn’t allow javascript on their blogs (or only certain things anyway) so I can’t display the poll itself, but they tell me they are working on this, so hopefully soon it will be available in the sidebar.  For now, click the link and vote for your fave.  When that day finally arrives, and I have the good grades to warrant such a stunt, I will take the class that has received the most votes.  I think I’ve picked some pretty good choices.  I’ll write them here, but don’t forget to vote. 


Space Station Systems & Operations

Intelligence & Assassination

Airport Operations

Mind of a Terrorist


9 thoughts on “So Many Choices

  1. Ha! Those are certainly cooler courses than you can take at the Junior College… I voted for Spycraft…I think you can always use sneaky skills!

  2. Patricia told me to cast a vote for Intelligence & Assassination…

    She said that way you could ask Jen if you needed any help on your coursework!

    Wives! What more can I say?

  3. Mike

    The “Intelligence and Assassinaton” is a hell of a course. Dr. Medhurst a great instructor and you’ll learn a sh**load.

    I know you’re poking fun here, but I’m serious, it’s a hell of a course!

  4. Rebecca

    Hmmmm…those all sound interesting in my opion. But I think that I would vote for Intelligence and Assassination. Second would be the Mind of a terrorist, just because it might be interesting to see how twisted their minds are!

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