Career Change

The StorekeeperThe StorekeeperIn an effort to facilitate Bookham’s plan for a Santa Rosa facility completely free of employees with the initials AB, I have followed in Adam Bovshow’s footsteps and given my notice for termination of employment.  I will be taking a job with the County, a position previously held by former Cierraite Josh Carrillo, as the Storekeeper of the Child Support Services Department.  My last day here will be June 19th.  Now before the tears start flowing, for joy or otherwise, you can all rest assured that I will not long be out of sight.  My new job is pretty much right across the street, so I’m sure I’ll be popping back over to watch TV at lunch every so often.

 Seriously though, I’ve enjoyed my six and a half years at Cierra/Bookham and it has been a pleasure to work with all of you…except for Brad C.  I came from the world of custodial services, so working in the telecommunications field provided new and exciting challenges for me that I truly appreciated, especially since they had very little to do with cleaning toilets.

 I’ve enjoyed the people here more than anything and know I’ll be hard pressed to work with a better team of talented and fun people.  OK, yes, even Brad.

 Thanks again.


The above is the text of the company-wide email I sent out last week announcing my leaving my job.  As of this past Tuesday I left my job as a Lead Manufacturing Tech III at Bookham, Inc. to take our old friend, and now clergy, The Storekeeper’s job as the Storekeeper for the Department of Child Support Services for the County of Sonoma.  (The title of this blog will remain Life of Ando).  I was sent off Tuesday with an awesome Mexican potluck lunch put on by my co-workers in my honor.  I even got a minor ovation as I overloaded my plate with taquitos and rice.  I don’t know if it was more my eating capacity or my years of service.  At any rate, it was a nice little farewell from the place I’ve spent virtually every week day of my life, and some weekends, for the past six and a half years. (I mean that with all sincerity.) 

It had been a while since I stared a new job, six and a half years as I mentioned, so I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel Wednesday morning as I made my way to my new place of employment, which is pretty much across the street from my old place of employment.  I’ll admit it felt a little weird.  Not a lot weird, just a little.  The first day was spent walking around a lot, getting the lay of the land, meeting new people, listening to them ask my new boss, “Is this the new Josh?”  Great fun.  I didn’t actually DO a whole lot that day.

The next day I had to take a test for the job, off site, so even though I got to work at 8 AM, I had to leave at 8:30 and didn’t return until 11 AM.  The test was an interesting one and when I have more time and energy and feel funnier, I’ll blog about it.  In the meantime ponder this:  what could possibly be on a written examination for a mail clerk job?  Why was I taking a mail clerk test if I’m the storekeeper?  That’s a story that if I told it would be full of confusing and convaluted government red tape manipulating schemes, so, as fun as I know that sounds I think I’ll spare you. When I finally did get back to the office–and yes I do have an office, not a cubicle–I learned that it was grill day and I was to help cook up all the meat and/or veggie burgers.  This is trickier than it sounds because some of the veggie folks don’t want the smoke from their garden burgers co-mingling with the smoke from the meat.  Or even the same utensil to be used when flipping their Boca burger.  I wish I was joking.  As I was in charge of the veggie stuff, I was careful to keep things separate but equal.  Other than that, which wasn’t really a big deal at all, grill day was pretty nice.  The rest of the day I did more walking around and more meeting of people.

Today the former friendly neighborhood Storekeeper was on duty to give me the nitty-gritty training for the day-to-day stuff.  It was good to work with Josh again.  We were co-workers for six or seven years back in the day, so it was good to relive those old times.  Though according to one of my new co-workers I’ve got some big shoes to fill in replacing him.  I should of told her that I’m well aware of that, as I’ve seen Josh’s feet.

So I would say so far so good at the new job.  It will definitely be different going from the private sector to government work, especially with the comfortable, laid back atmosphere I had at Bookham, but it will bring some new and interesting challenges and opportunities.  I don’t know if they’ll be on the same order of magnitude as going from custodial to telecom, but they should be exciting in their own way.


8 thoughts on “Career Change

  1. Anna

    yay for new jobs and meeting new people. I did the same today at my new school, it should be an interesting year you being a shopkeeper, me being a Kindergarten teacher!! Enjoy!!

  2. That’s awesome Ando. Don’t let anyone desicrate that name. I used to get that shopkeeper bit all the time and frankly, it’s repulsive.

  3. Andy-

    Welcome to the county. I was going to give you some private sector fun about your new life of ease, but I worked till midnight last night, and don’t think I could pull it off!

    Guess this means no Indiana for a while eh?

  4. Rebecca

    Congrats on the new job…county work can be very interesting. I worked at SCOE while I was finishing up at Sonoma State and i have some fond memories and some interesting stories!

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