This Post Is A Paid Advertisement…

From the United Blogging Fund.

 We at UBF are always very concerned with the state of blogging in this country.  Every year thousands of blogs are neglected and abandoned, their owners no longer willing or able to give them the care and attention they deserve.  This startling statistic leads to the loss of millions, if not billions, of self-righteous rants, sophmoric attempts at humor, amateur political analyses and just plain absurdities; all that which makes the Internet such a vibrant and compelling medium.  Some of these wayward blogs will be taken up again and will be reborn with fresh energy and chuztpa, but tragically, their numbers are few.  Most will continue to waste away in a vast cyber sea, unupdated, unread, and unwanted.

 But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can make a difference.  For many of these “lost” blogs, they only lack ideas.  Ideas form the backbone of any blog.  Many blogs want to be updated and want to be commented on, but without ideas, their cause is lost.  That is where you can make a difference, Reader.  With your contribution, many of these blogs can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes and resharpen their creative edge.  With your help, we can turn the tide of the blog epidemic.  Click on the Suggestion Box tab above and leave your idea contributions in a comment and help bring back the life and verve that once filled the blogsphere.  Because a blog is a terrible thing to waste.

One thought on “This Post Is A Paid Advertisement…

  1. i love this post…

    it’s hillarious…

    in fact, you should start a way for people to “donate” their dead blog to someone else to keep it alive and begin a new one.

    “instead of starting your own blog, why don’t you pick up where someone else left off…granted, you may not be interested in their cats, how they tore their pantyhose, or what a great time they had at their birthday party…but who cares, you’re saving a blog life.”

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