Wednesday Review: Life of Ando

writing2.gifFor the past one year and nine months I have spent countless hours thinking about and writing posts for this blog. Over 250 of them.  My high month was October 2006, 25 posts, the low was this past July, 5 posts.  Some have been good, some have been, hmmmmmm, not so good.  Life of Ando has served no other real purpose than for my own personal amusement.  The idea that someone else might find just one of my aimless ramblings enjoyable, much less to attract a small band of merry, regular readers is, frankly, quite shocking.

Over these twenty-one months, the creative juices have ebbed and flowed, sometimes the tide was high, sometimes it was low.  Lately, its been low.  Very low.  Like, fish are flopping, gasping for breath on the beach where the water should be low.  Chalk it up to the dog days of summer.  But I think light is beginning to shine.  I think the dog days are coming to an end.  I want to blog again.

Of course now that I’ve said that I’ll go another week without posting.  Such is the life of a blogger.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Review: Life of Ando

  1. Jeff

    So did Clarence the blogging angel come and show you what the blogesphere would be like without you? I have this picture of you standing on a bridge saying, “i want to blog again, please God let me blog again”

  2. Yes, Clarence did come…and showed me a world that would much better off. But I said, “Ah, the heck with you!”, threw his Tom Sawyer book in the river, and smacked him in his bulbous nose.

  3. it’s all good…sometime’s have blog ideas, but nothing so great worth writing…some days there’s things on my mind, but their too personal, or involve other friends/family that might read my blog and take offense to my frusteration, etc.

    and sometimes, i just feel like it’s all been said before.

    but i share your same sentiments above…it’s for your own amusement, me too…it ebbs, it flows, me too. you’re amazed people read you, me too.

    thanks for posting, i love what you do.

  4. Thanks for the props, RC. Its nice to know I have at least one regular reader who isn’t bound by childhood friendship or family ties. :)

  5. kludge

    Woot! Two new posts I feel the old energy comming back!

    I have found that I no longer care what or how long I write. I just want to put something down.

    Keep the fire burning man!

  6. I say quit! Procrastinate! Hard work pays off later, prcrastination pays off right now!

    no seriously…love the page just don’t get to see it often

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