Ando The Decepticon

I’ll admit I feel a trifle dishonest.  I was narcissistically checking out my blog stats the other day and noticed that I’d set a new record for hits in one day.  Its a modest 185, a mere pitence for the professional blogger I’m sure, but for an amateur like me it was pretty cool.  On closer inspection I noticed that most of the hits had come from a post I had written months ago.  On even closer inspection I noticed that that particular post had been getting an awful lot of traffic for the past few months.  Within the past thirty days that same post has been hit by far the most of any others, recieving 848 hits.  The next closest, my review of the documentary Jesus Camp, was 254.

So why all the hullabulloo over a months old post?  Because I briefly mentioned the Transformers cartoon, and the Transformers movie was released this summer.  So, I feel a little bad.  One, because people were out googling the transformers looking for the inside dope about the movie and instead got a post about a couple of dregs from the lower rungs of society I happened to observe at a high school baseball game.  Talk about disappointing.  That’s reason one I feel a little bad.  Reason two is all the misguided traffic and made my little cyberspace hide-away appear much more popular than it actually is.  Until recently I’d written exactly three posts all summer…and yet my traffic went up.  That can’t be good for the ego.

Anyway, I just thought was kind of weird and I felt a little dishonest.  But not so dishonest that I haven’t used the words Decepticon and transformers multiple times in this post.  Go little counter, go!


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