Sign On The Dotted Line

Today Jen, Jackson, and I spent the day with friends out at Spring Lake, a local park and recreation area.  Some of our friends were camping there and we went out to enjoy one last hurrah for the summer.  A group of us headed down to the lake proper to try our hand at some water sports, namely kayaking.  We stepped up to the counter of the snack bar/rental shack to rent a couple kayaks and were heartlessly smothered in an avalanche of paper work.  To rent a ten foot, plastic, two man kayak they needed a drivers license, the drivers license holders home address, an emergency phone number, the drivers license holders signature and printed name on three seperate forms, and the signature of everyone who would be using said kayak on no less than two forms.  All for one hour of pleasure boating on what amounts to an oversized pond.  I didn’t even bother trying to hide my amusement, to the irritation of the rental lady.  Hey, do I get a mortgage with this rental?

Now, I understand why all the paperwork is necessary and it is a sad commentary on the state of affairs in our great nation.  We’ve gotten to  a point where something as simple as a few relaxing minutes on a public lake cannot be enjoyed with out its own miniature beaurocracy.  Because a significant portion of the populace is ready to litigate at the drop of a hat, we’ve got to wade through a sea of forms and red tape before we can do the simplest of things.  Its sad that everyone is so anxious to pass the buck and not accept responsibility for their own actions that thousands of trees are senslessly slaughtered to provide the pulp needed for the paper to print all these goofy forms.  Such is life in the 21st Century I suppose.  Thanks a lot lady that dumped hot coffee on her lap at McDonalds and sued for millions.  Way to give the rest of us carpal tunnel from all these stinking forms we’re now required to sign.

 On another Spring Lake related note, Jen and I noticed that the snack bar sold hard boiled eggs, two for $1.25.  Does that seem weird to anybody else?  I know when I’m at the lake there’s nothing I crave more than a freshly boiled egg.


9 thoughts on “Sign On The Dotted Line

  1. It does seem odd and what is even worse is I can go to Trader Joes and buy a dozen eggs for $0.99 – and then boil all 12 for cheaper. But like you said, when you have the choice of a corn dog or a nachos – who is the person that picks the two hard-boiled eggs?????????

  2. I will chime in since your mom brought it up – I was wondering how you could say you don’t know what to blog about when you have something very exciting you could blog about :)

  3. Rebecca

    I think that I’m missing something here Andy! You better blog about this “mysterious” coming of someone. The anticipation is killing me!

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