YouTube Friday: Star Wars Kid

Do you know what the epitome of lazy is?  Its when you tell your readers that Fridays are days where you will post a random video you’ve found, not one you yourself have produced, just one you found, an operation that takes no more than five minutes, and then go for months without doing it.  That’s pretty sad.  Lets get this back on track.

 In the pre-YouTube days of the Internet there were a few well known vids that had managed to make their way around the Net and garner a lot of attention.  There was All Your Base Are Belong To Us, Two Chinese Guys Lipsyncing The Backstreet Boys, among others.  But perhaps the best loved and well known was one simply called The Star Wars Kid.  Here’s the backstory:

A young, then anonymous, AV club member who looked a bit like a Harry Potter after too many Ho-Ho’s had set up his middleschool’s video camera and taped himself doing some sweet Jedi lightsaber moves…with a golf ball retriever.  And he was really into it.  He didn’t intend to become the Internet wunderkind that he did, but a couple of classmates found the video and put it on the web.  It became an overnight sensation, or went viral, to use the jargon of the time.  Since then aspiring FX directors everywhere have added effects, both visual and sound, music, graphics, and the like to the point where there are probably thousands of permutations.

Here I present to you the original virgin footage followed by one of the more clever of the parodies that I found pretty funny.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “YouTube Friday: Star Wars Kid

  1. Rebecca

    That was really funny. I’d love to see the versions with sound. I would hate my friends if they had posted this on the web!

  2. kludge

    Oh poor Star Wars Kid. He sad this video ruined his life, additionally he’s suing the kids that posted it.

    I still love these…oh and its a golf ball retreiver.

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